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as a Therapist & Coach

Since 2018 I have been giving emotional support and coaching individuals. It is my greatest joy to see my clients flourish, whether it’s overcoming depression or simply dealing with a life change. 


The rich diversity of my life experiences enables me to understand profoundly my clients’ contexts and circumstances. Also, being compassionate and caring is an essential part of my approach to therapy, and life. I believe that with loving support and a willingness to do the mental & emotional work almost anything can be healed, as said the wise Louise Hay


Whatever it is you might be going through right now it’s always good to remember that sometimes when things seems to be falling apart, they may actually be falling into place… ✨


Areas of expertise


Modalities of therapy : 

— Individual

— Couples



Social Anxiety


Panic Attacks


Trauma & Abuse





Career Change

Moving Abroad




My Approach

My holistic approach is mostly inspired by transpersonal psychology and psychoanalysis. Using both coaching & therapy, as well as techniques based on neuroscience, makes my work with my clients effective and grounded.

Mind, Body and Soul — I believe in finding harmony between all these elements to feel whole. Being in balance allows us to fully express and enjoy the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of life. 

I believe in getting to the root cause of issues (therapy) and finding solutions applicable to your daily life (coaching), while also working on your unconscious mind (the « programming » running our lives). 

Free Meditations

You can find the audios I recorded for you, for free, both on SoundCloud and on the app Insight Timer. I hope you'll enjoy them. Relax and manifest your best life!

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