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I'm both French and Brazilian. Born in Paris to a Brazilian mother and a French father, I've always lived in both cultures, learning to adapt and understand them. I've always loved languages and discovering new cultures and so it's no surprise I went to an international high school where there are more than 12 nationalities. 


When the time came to choose a career path and corresponding studies, I was quite confused — and took the long road. Although I did not find my passion immediately, I did discover a lot of interesting things along the way. I first went to law school, and in spite of enjoying negotiation and mediation classes, it wasn’t quite right for me. So I went on with business studies. This experience was very enriching, but I still felt I had to keep looking for something that touched my heart & soul. 


I had always enjoyed reading and watching documentaries, and through the years I've opened my mind with a lot of resources for self-development and spirituality — and then psychology finally entered my life. 



About connecting with people

Before I found a career path that would get me excited every morning, I worked in law firms and big companies such as L’Oréal. When I started carving my own unique path I chose to work with children at first, and LOVED it! I spent some time in an international kindergarten in Munich and then became a middle school english teacher in the Parisian suburbs. What I loved most about this experience was the relationships I got to create with the teenagers; that’s when I realized my passion was about people. Listening to people, being with people, and hopefully helping people. 

I am very lucky to have an amazing mentor, Theodora Messora, who has always supported and guided me along the way in my coaching practice. Her precious feedback and 30 years of experience as a psychologist have made my practice what it is today.

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